Why Zelmic

Every topical drug product is unique and has its own special requirements and challenges. To succeed, you need a partner who not only understands the dermatological landscape, but also masters the entire development process in close collaboration with your team. Our skilled staff is well travelled within topical and transdermal delivery, and highly qualified in formulation development, analytical chemistry and handling intellectual property, all aimed at strengthening your R&D capacity and minimizing your risk.

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At Zelmic, we’re wholly focused on topical and transdermal drug delivery – it’s all we do. Because when addressing local diseases or symptoms – on skin, in skin or below skin – the topical route is preferable. Only a small fraction of the drug reaches systemic circulation, which makes bioburden 100 or even 1000 times lower than if oral or parental administration had been applied. The drug is effectively administered to the affected area, which in many cases leads to a fast onset of action.

Over the years, Zelmic has developed several techniques that enable you to overcome the hurdles encountered when developing new drug products. Examples include platform technologies that improve not only the delivery into and through the skin, but also the solubility of drugs as well as the stability of drug molecules. These technologies are broadly applicable and feasibility studies have been completed on several different molecules. We have also developed analytical techniques for evaluating drug permeation and metabolism in skin to support our clients.


At Zelmic, we take full responsibility for the entire development process. This includes helping you to define the intended specific product properties in order to find a patentable technical solution that meets the requirements. We also assist you in transferring analytical and manufacturing methods to a commercial manufacturer.



Zelmic offers the full spectrum of services necessary to quickly turn your ideas into effective topical drug products ready for the market. For a better overview, we’ve collected all of our services under four main areas. Explore each area to see how we help you create the right formula to solve delivery, assure quality through high-quality analytical methods, and ensure performance with testing that can also help to maximize clinical efficacy.